The 7th Annual Kalamazoo Bike Week was a success. The weather was generally good and attendance at the events was great.  Thank you to all event organizers, volunteers and attendees - we had great fun.

Planning for Bike Week 2019 has begun.  If you are interested in volunteering for next year and would like to attend organizational meetings, please contact Paul Selden at or come to the next planning meetings scheduled for August 16, 2018 and September 20, 2018 from 4-5 p.m. at the City of Kalamazoo Parks office (Community Room), 251 Mills Kalamazoo. 

Have a safe and fun riding season.  See you out there! 



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City of Kalamazoo - Update to Pedestrian Master Plan & 1998 Non-Motorized Plan

The City of Kalamazoo is updating its Pedestrian Master Plan and its 1998 Non-Motorized Plan for three days (May 13-16) during Bike Week.  This is an opportunity for all citizens of the City and surrounding area to provide input.  If you are a walker, runner or cyclist, this is your opportunity to present to the City your ideas to expand and enhance non-motorized transportation infrastructure.  

To present your ideas before the Master Planning charrette, go to: to present your ideas. 

For more information, contact Kalamazoo City Planner:  Rebekah Kik @ 337-8840 or

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